2023-24 Academic Year

Fall 2023 – ChE 496-003/ChE 696-003/MATSCIE 593-001/ME 599-005 Electrochemistry Applications and Engineering*

This course will serve to give students exposure to applications of electrochemistry in the production of chemicals and metals, energy storage, sensors, and material protection (i.e., controlling corrosion). Part of the course will discuss basic electrochemistry concepts, so a background in electrochemistry is not required, but a majority of the course will focus on applications, and electrochemical techniques, e.g., electrochemical impedance spectroscopy, which can be used to understand charge transfer, double layer formation and capacitance, and solution resistances. In addition, some of the practical aspects of research electrochemistry will be discussed, including applying fundamental concepts to research. The engineering behind electrochemical reactor design will also be covered, including touching on the economics and performance metrics for industrial systems, and future avenues in electrochemical processes. (Fall 2022 Syllabus)
*This course was also previously taught by Prof. Singh in F2019, F2020, F2021, F2022.

Winter 2024 – ChE 528 Chemical Reactor Engineeringa

In this course you will learn how to design chemical reactors and understand chemical kinetics. (Winter 2023 Syllabus)
aThis course was also previously taught by Prof. Singh in W2018, W2019, W2023.

Previously taught Courses

ChE 344 Reaction Engineering and Design – W2020, W2021, W2022 (Winter 2022 Syllabus)