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54. Progress and Roadmap for Electro-privileged Transformations of Bio-derived Molecules, C. Tian, R. Dorakhan, J. Wicks, Z. Chen, K.-S. Choi, N. Singh, J.A. Schaidle, A. Holewinski, A. Vojvodic, D.G. Vlachos, L.J. Broadbelt, E.H. Sargent, Nature Catalysis, 2024, 7, 350-360.

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* This work was highlighted by University of Michigan.


51. Identifying the Active Site of Cu/Cu2O for Electrocatalytic Nitrate Reduction Reaction to Ammonia, G. Costa, M. Winkler, T. Mariano, M. Pinto, I. Messias, J. Souza, I. Neckel, M. Santos, C. Tormena, N. Singh, R. Nagao, Chem Catalysis, 2023, 4, 100850.

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46. Translating Catalyst-Polymer Composites from Liquid to Gas-Fed CO2 Electrolysis: A CoPc-P4VP Case StudyL. YaoC. Yin, K. E. Rivera-Cruz, C.L. McCrory, N. SinghACS Applied Materials & Interfaces2023, 15, 31438-31448. 

45. Explaining Kinetic Trends of Inner-sphere Transition Metal Ion Redox Reactions on Metal ElectrodesH. Agarwal, J. Florian, D. Pert, B. R. Goldsmith, N. SinghACS Catalysis2023, 13, 2223-2233.


44. Unveiling the Cerium(III)/(IV) Structures and Charge-Transfer Mechanism in Sulfuric Acid *, C. A. Buchanan, D. Herrera, M. Balasubramanian, B. R. Goldsmith, N. SinghJACS Au2022, 2 (12), 2742-2757. 
* This work was highlighted by University of Michigan News and UM Chemical Engineering.

43. Liquid-Phase Effects on Adsorption Processes in Heterogeneous Catalysis, M. Zare, M. S. Saleheen, N. Singh, M. J. Uline, M. Faheem, A. Heyden, JACS Au2022, 2 (9), 2119-2134. 

42. Near-Quantitative Predictions of the First-Shell Coordination Structure of Hydrated First-Row Transition Metal Ions Using K-edge X-ray Absorption Near-Edge Spectroscopy, S. Ghosh,^ H. Agarwal,^ M. Galib,^ B. Tran, M. Balasubramanian, N. Singh, J. L. Fulton, N. Govind, The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters2022, 13, 6323-6330. ^ equal contribution

41. Explaining the Structure Sensitivity of Pt and Rh for Aqueous-Phase Hydrogenation of Phenol, I. Barth, J. Akinola, J. Lee, O. Y. Gutiérrez, U. Sanyal, N. Singh, B. R. Goldsmith, The Journal of Chemical Physics2022, 156, 104703.


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39. Electrocatalytic Nitrate Reduction on Rhodium Sulfide Compared to Pt and Rh in the Presence of ChlorideD. Richards, S. D. Young, B. R. Goldsmith, N. SinghCatalysis Science & Technology2021, 11, 7331-7346.

38. Comparing electrocatalytic and thermocatalytic conversion of nitrate on platinum–ruthenium alloysZ. WangE. Ortiz, B.R. Goldsmith, N. SinghCatalysis Science & Technology2021, 11, 7098-7109.

37. Why halides enhance heterogeneous metal ion charge transfer reactions, J. Florian, H. AgarwalN. Singh, B.R. Goldsmith, Chemical Science2021, 12, 12704-12710.

36. Recent discoveries in the reaction mechanism of heterogeneous electrocatalytic nitrate reductionZ. Wang,^ D. Richards,^ N. SinghCatalysis Science & Technology2021, 11, 705-725. ^ equal contribution

35. Increasing Electrocatalytic Nitrate Reduction Activity by Controlling Adsorption through PtRu AlloyingZ. Wang, S.D. Young, B.R. Goldsmith, N. SinghJournal of Catalysis2021, 395, 143-154. (Link to Zixuan’s talk at AIChE 2020 discussing this work)

34. The Effect of Anion Bridging on Heterogeneous Charge Transfer for V2+/V3+ *, H. Agarwal, J. Florian, B.R. Goldsmith, N. SinghCell Reports Physical Science2021, 2 (1), 100307. (Link to Harsh’s talk at AIChE 2020 discussing this work)
* This work was highlighted by University of MichiganEurekAlert!, and Tech Xplore.

33. Temperature Dependence of Aqueous-Phase Phenol Adsorption on Pt and RhJ. AkinolaN. SinghJournal of Applied Electrochemistry2021, 51 (1), 37-50.


32. Electrocatalytic Hydrogenation of Biomass-Derived Organics: A Review, S. A. Akhade, N. Singh, O. Y. Gutiérrez, J. Lopez-Ruiz, H. Wang, J. D. Holladay, Y. Liu, A. Karkamkar, R. S. Weber, A. B. Padmaperuma, M. S. Lee, G. A. Whyatt, M. Elliott, J. E. Holladay, J. L. Male, J. A. Lercher, R. Rousseau, V. A. Glezakou, Chemical Reviews2020, 120, 11370-11419. [Review]

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30. Adsorption Energies of Oxygenated Aromatics and Organics on Rhodium and Platinum in Aqueous PhaseJ. Akinola, I. Barth, B.R. Goldsmith, N. SinghACS Catalysis2020, 10, 4929-4941. (Link to James’ talk at AIChE 2020 discussing this work)

29. Role of Electrocatalysis in the Remediation of Water PollutantsN. Singh, B.R. Goldsmith, ACS Catalysis2020, 10, 3365-3371. [Viewpoint]

28. Aqueous phase catalytic and electrocatalytic hydrogenation of phenol and benzaldehyde over platinum group metalsN. Singh, U. Sanyal, G. Ruehl, K. Stoerzinger, O. Y. Gutiérrez, D. M. Camaioni, J. L. Fulton, J. A. Lercher, C. T. Campbell, Journal of Catalysis2020, 382, 372-384.


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* This article was in the list of most read articles of the journal for the year 2020.

26. A Simple Bond-Additivity Model Explains Large Decreases in Heats of Adsorption in Solvents Versus Gas Phase: A Case Study with Phenol on Pt(111) in WaterN. Singh and C. T. Campbell, ACS Catalysis2019, 9, 8116-8127.

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Prior to University of Michigan


20. Earth-Abundant Tin Sulfide-Based Photocathodes for Solar Hydrogen Production, W. Cheng, N. Singh, W. Elliott, J. Lee, A. Rassoolkhani, X. Jin, E. W. McFarland, S. Mubeen, Advanced Science2017, 5 (1), 1700362.


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